CSP Music Group is a full-service entertainment firm offering Artist Development, Production, Artist & Repertoire, Song Writing, Recording & Mix Engineering, Branding and Artist Management Services. CSP has contributed to the success of Christina Aguilera, J-Kwon, Boyz II Men, Next, Emcee N.I.C.E. featuring Fred Hammond, 2021 American Idol contestants, siblings Ammon and Liahona Olayan and many other upstarts and/or established recording artists!

The company serves as a one-stop-shop to both independent and seasoned recording artists. We have the ability to help our clients keep or even raise the quality of their projects and products. Remaining streamlined helps clients produce, create, and brand their music more selectively, as they are guided by services equal to any major record label, and on behalf of independent artists, without them having to bounce around to get the things they need done.

With offices in Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Las Vegas, CSP Music Group has assembled a team of expert music industry pros who guide clients through the development process and steps required to properly brand and market their projects. CSP’s creative services also offer professional photo shoots, song production, imaging and branding techniques, audio and visual presentations, digital marketing, social media plans, song distribution and streaming radio…all in one location.


Early Beginnings


Christopher Starr embarked on an extraordinary odyssey, determined to construct a music career that would transcend two decades within the ever-evolving music industry. This ambitious endeavor saw him joining forces with a cadre of highly accomplished music industry luminaries, and together with his dedicated team, they laid the bedrock of their enterprise, a venture that would take its initial strides with B-Rich Productions and Baby Honey Records during their nascent stages.

Over the years, Christopher Starr's indomitable spirit and keen acumen for adaptation allowed him to not only weather the seismic shifts that roiled the music landscape but also to thrive amid the tumultuous changes. The advent of digital downloads marked a pivotal moment in the industry, and as traditional album sales dwindled, he proved himself not just adaptable but innovative, constantly seeking out and seizing new avenues for growth and success.

Through their collective efforts, they achieved monumental milestones, securing platinum and gold certifications for albums by celebrated artists such as Boyz II Men, Next, J Kwon, Sounds of Blackness, and an illustrious roster of others, etching their names indelibly in the annals of music history.

The genesis of Starrtraxx Music Productions, which would later undergo a transformation and emerge as the CSP Music Group, was as a music production powerhouse. Within its hallowed walls, they produced, engineered, composed, and crafted songs that resonated with audiences worldwide. This creative powerhouse became a pivotal player in the careers of luminaries like Christina Aguilera, Mary J Blige, Dawn Richard (known as D. Woods from the MTV show Making the Band and later as a member of the iconic girl group Danity Kane), LaTocha Scott of Xscape, Damita Haddon (formerly Chandler), Yung L.A, Marcus Canty from the Fox TV show X Factor, Gorilla Zoe, the R&B sensation Next, the revered Flyte Tyme Entertainment (featuring Grammy Award winners Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis), and the prolific hit-making producer Lance Alexander (whose credits included collaborations with the likes of Michael Jackson, Boyz 2 Men, Next, and Lo Key). Through the transformative power of music, Christopher Starr's journey continued to evolve, leaving an indelible imprint on the musical landscape.


CSP Music Group- Current Day


In the contemporary music landscape, CSP Music Group's dynamic team has recently achieved remarkable accolades, including reaching the coveted number 1 spot on both the Billboard and Digital Radio Tracker charts. In the early months of this year, their invaluable support has borne fruit as American Idol contestants Ammon and Liahona Olayan have experienced a meteoric rise, accumulating an astounding 1.4 million views for their captivating performances.

Reflecting on their journey, the Olayan siblings shared their gratitude for CSP Music Group's unwavering guidance and support. As newcomers to the industry, they initially navigated uncharted waters, unsure of how to kickstart their music careers. However, CSP Music Group stood as a steadfast companion, guiding them through the intricate processes of studio recording and music production. Beyond the technical aspects, the team offered assistance in shaping their branding, image, audio mixing and mastering, and even provided invaluable vocal coaching. The foundation laid by CSP Music Group has proven instrumental in catapulting the Olayan duo to their current status as successful music artists.

Moreover, CSP Music Group has embarked on a thrilling expansion into the realm of Reality TV, making notable appearances on prominent networks such as VH1, B.E.T, Bravo, and other major television networks. This diversification demonstrates their commitment to exploring new avenues for artistic expression and reaching broader audiences.

As the ever-evolving climate of the music industry continues to shape the landscape, CSP Music Group remains resolute in its mission to bridge the divide between established industry veterans and emerging talents. Their vision is to provide invaluable connections and resources to those at the dawn of their careers or those aspiring to elevate their musical journeys to unprecedented heights, ensuring that the spirit of music flourishes unabated.