CSP Music Group is a full service entertainment logistics company that caters to independent and seasoned recording artists. The new generation of music-makers are following in the footsteps of pioneers such as Mackelmore, Adele, Chance Da Rapper and 21 Salvage who are proving that artists of today no longer need the financial backing of the major record label.  By investing in their own careers, such artists are able to make it to the top strictly based on their fan base and music alone. The artist remains in control with a team of people who understand their branding, their fans, and their dream.


CSP Music Group provides all the services an artist needs, in one location; to produce, create, market, distribute, promote, and brand their music. Under the CSP Music Group umbrella, a diverse team of seasoned industry professionals combine thought-out marketing campaigns to help artists launch their careers. The company offers affordable industry standard services, tailored to a flexible payment plan, which delivers quality services and full packaging, equal to any major record label.  Instead of waiting for a major label to believe in your music, you can become your own boss, invest in your own career, and take your music directly to the fans. CSP Music Group is offering an exciting, different, new, and inspiring approach for independent artist who want to remain in control in today's industry.


We offer everything an artist needs from Artist Development  & Imaging, Management, Production, Promotion, Marketing , Publicity, Sales & Distribution, Radio, Touring, and so much more.  We take time to evaluate every artist on an individual basis to outline a game plan that is strategically set for them. 


Early Beginnings

Christopher Starr set out to build  a successful music career spanning over 20 years in the music industry.  Partnering with other highly successful music industry executives, Starr along with his team went on to establish their early beginnings with B-Rich Productions and Baby Honey Records.  Over the years, he continued to expand himself in the ever changing recording industry with the rise of digital downloads, and the decline of albums sales.  While many companies fell under the pressure of the times, he continued to innovate by creating and developing new opportunities. Together they established successful platinum and gold albums on Boyz II Men, Next, J Kwon, Sounds of Blackness, and many more. 


Starrtraxx Music Productions (which later changed it’s name to CSP Music Group)  began as a music production company which produced, engineered, composed, and/or wrote songs for artist such as Christina Aguilera, Mary J Blige, Dawn Richard (D. Woods) of the MTV show Making the Band and later of girl group Danity Kane; LaTocha Scott of Xscape, Damita Haddon (Chandler), Yung L.A, Marcus Canty of the Fox tv show X Factor, Gorilla Zoe , the R&B group Next, Flyte Tyme Entertainment (Grammy Award winners Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) and hit-making producer Lance Alexander (Michael Jackson, Boyz 2 Men, Next, Lo Key)

CSP Music Group- Current Day


CSP Music Group decided to expand from a music production company to a national one stop multi-faceted advanced logistics company. Using their established industry connections, CSP was able to offer unsigned artist the same opportunities as signed artist. This created a platform for artists who chose to focus their time and creativity on their music, and maintain creative control of their own finances and their work. Today, CSP Music Group's team have gained recent credits with many of todays top Billboard charting artist. CSP Music Group also expanded into working with Reality TV which included an appearance on VH1, B.E.T, Brovo and other major television networks.


As the climate in the music industry evolved, it became evident that major record companies were no longer investing big budgets to develop their acts and that most of the deals that were made by the labels usually benefited the earnings of the record company more than the artist. Since artists needed to maintain a higher percentage of their profits from album sales - the need for an artist to sign with a major label had changed. That transformation encouraged the value of having the support of an independent label to become a necessity; which inspired Christopher to launch CSP Music Group and bridge the gap between the elite key people in the industry with those who are just starting or looking to take their careers to the next level.