Line of Credit

Are you a talented artist with big aspirations in the music industry? Are you seeking professional guidance and support to propel your career to new heights? Look no further! CSP Music Group is here to provide you with unparalleled artist development services.

Artist Management & Development

With years of industry experience in the business we've assisted the careers of new and established talent and can help artists with many aspects of services custom tailored to their individual needs. We provide services to record labels, artist managers, and independent artists on a professional level. 

Artist Promotions

Looking for global radio airplay exposure for your music to be heard. Want to increase your streams, Apple/Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and online sales? Royalties on your music? Let your music be heard.

Featured Story

CSP Music Group is taking a bold step to empower artists on their own terms. Our new financing program offers immediate capital advances of up to $50,000 to qualifying artists. The beauty of it? Artists have the freedom to invest this capital in their music and brands, and in return, they make affordable monthly payments to CSP—no royalties taken.

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