CEO of CSP Music Group, Christopher Starr, sits down to talk with Jay Blazer about what’s been happening on the forefront of CSP and we’re excited to be following up with details about what people can expect from them in the near future. 

Blazer: Thank you Mr. Starr, for sitting down to talk with us today. We are fully aware of your crazy busy schedule and truly appreciate the time taken out to conduct this interview.

Starr: No problem. I’m excited to be here with you all today. 

Blazer: So, to jump right into it for time’s sake, can you provide us with some insight on the more recent endeavors that CSP has embarked upon in the past few years?

 Starr: Yes, of course. To sum it up, things are bigger and better. CSP has added a lot of new and exciting things since we last spoke. For one, we’ve added new faces to the roster including a new legal department for the sole purpose of helping independent artists. The legal team can assist with things such as contracts, trademarks, and negotiations – and basically, anything a lawyer would do, we can now offer to the artists under our roster. 

Blazer: That’s awesome, man, because being an indie artist myself, I know precisely how hard it is to get that legal help and to even know who to turn to. 

Starr: Exactly, most indie artists don’t even think about things of that nature until it’s too late and they need legal representation for things like trademark and copyrights. This is why we felt it was important to include such a service for our artists, because many artists are so focused on the creative side – which is fair enough, they forget there is a business and legal side as well. 

Blazer: Yeah man, that makes a lot of sense to me and I think it’s a great initiative. What’s even more convenient is that it’s all in-house. 

Starr: Yes, it’s something we offer artists so they can be assured that we will connect them with the best of the best in having their own personal attorney.

 Blazer: I love this entire concept. So what else do you have under your sleeve that us indie artists can benefit from? 

Starr: Actually, we are also offering radio promotion for artists to get their songs on the radio and in the charts. And so far, so good. This endeavor has been highly successful. We’ve had artists in the top ten of the charts with many others in the top 20. 

Blazer: Wow man, just wow. And these are independent artists charting without the backing of a major label?

 Starr: Yes, so these are all independent artists who have charted without any help in the slightest from a major label. 

Blazer: This is outstanding, truly impressive. I want to know, even for myself – how can an artist get down like that with your company? What does it take to chart and get into the top 10?

Starr: Well, of course, it starts with a good song. If you have a song that can make the cut, we will put together a radio package for you. Once your song hits the digital airwaves, it’s picked up by the different radio outlets including Apple, Spotify, and many other digital radio platforms. We never know which platform will pick up the songs until after we receive the stats, but it’s exciting to check in each week to see which digital platforms have picked up a particular record and then to watch it climb up the charts.

 Blazer: I bet that’s exciting, especially for the indie artists. I have yet to ever hear my song on the radio, let alone have it make the charts. That would feel like a dream come true.

Starr: Yes, it is like a dream come true for many artists. But, that being said, this is only the beginning. Once your song hits the radio and makes the charts, that’s when the real work starts. You have to work your record and chart position by promoting yourself as much as you can to extend the life of your song on the charts and also convert the opportunity into actual song sales. Charting is not the end all, but just the beginning and the artist is tasked with increasing the momentum from there. Not only that, but the artists also has to have the next hit song ready to keep the fans’ attention and remain on their radar. 

Blazer: I see, and yes, that makes a whole lot of sense. Can’t just be a one hit wonder, have to keep the records coming. I get that. 

Starr: Being an artist is a continuous process of recording, promoting, marketing, and distributing, performing, and repeat. It never stops. Also, you have to continuously top your last biggest hit to remain relevant. It’s not easy, but for those passionate about what they’re doing, it’s an exciting journey and there’s never a dull day. 

Blazer: That’s some real sound wisdom. We artists tend to forget the work that must take place after the songs are recorded. So, what do indie artist have to do to get started with you? Has the process changed? 

Starr: The process is largely the same. It all starts with a consultation. They can visit our site, fill out the artist wanted form and then schedule a consultation. This is where it all begins. 

Blazer: Straight to the point and super simple. 

Starr: Yes, the process is very streamlined and we move fast. Sometimes we get things started the same day. 

Blazer: That’s what’s up Mr. Starr. It is always a pleasure sitting down with you. I’m excited to go through the process of signing up on your site – matter of fact – I think I will set up my consultation today. 

Starr: No doubt man. We are more than happy to help assist you with all that you have going on. We take new and established artists. We don’t discriminate against anyone regardless of what point they’re at in their careers, we can help them.

 Blazer: Well, we appreciate your time Mr. Starr and please let the audience know one more time how they can contact and reach out to you.

 Starr: I appreciated being here and yes, they can go to CSP Music and schedule a consultation. You can also find us on Instagram at CSP Music Group.

 Blazer: Okay folks, you heard it here first. Set up your consultation, get help, get radio play, get your songs charted, and get that marketing you need to push your records – all with the added bonus of legal help if needed. CSP Music Group does it all. You can find them by visiting

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