Writing Session FAQ's

T H A N K  Y O U  F O R  Y O U R  R S V P .


Digital Camp Studios: 1600 Roswell Street Smyrna Ga Suite 10B

Time: December 15, 2018. 7:00 pm until Midnight 

Note: ID required and your name must match the RSVP on file. 

Q: Is this an event for all ages?
A: Yes, but if you’re under 18 you must attend with an adult who also RSVP’d.  

Q: Will I have to pay to attend?
A: No, the event is free to attend. It’s more of an audition. 

Q: Can I bring people with me?
A: Everyone who had completed the RSVP can attend. You will not get in if you’re not on the RSVP list.

Q: If I arrive after 7:00 pm, can I still attend?
A: Only if space is available. If you arrive late, you will miss valuable information about the process and may not get in.

Q: Will this writing session take place at CSP Music Group Studios?
A: No, we are only hosting the event at the above location.

Q: What usually happens during a writing session?
A: We will play instrumentals from our producers, and you will be given time to showcase your songwriting skills. CSP Music Group A&R’s will listen to your ideas, and if they’re acceptable, we will allow you to record a rough draft. At the end of the evening, we will review and select the best songs. 

Q: Do writers get paid if their song is selected?
A: No, this event is only to audition new songwriters. If we are impressed, we will discuss further options by contacting you directly. 

Q: Will writers get a copy of the recording?
A: A copy of the recording will be available digitally on our website.

Q: Should writers bring paper and pens?
A: We will have paper and pens, but we recommend each writer come with a phone, tablet or laptop with wifi to connect to our system. If you bring headphones, you will have access to the full musical catalog and can choose the track you want to write to.

If you have further questions, call our office at 770 693-4500 ext 101