Songwriters and Producers

CSP Music Group is always looking for ways to expand our creative team. We work with producers and songwriters from across the nation; and offer you the chance to get your music placed with artist from across the world and potentially the top of the charts.

To get started with us, the first step is a consultation. This meeting goes over your goals, aspirations, expectations and answers questions you may have about how to get where you want to be. During the consultation, we will assess your creativity by listening to examples of your work. If your work is not quite up to our standards, we can transition you into our songwriters and producers bootcamp where you will receive training on how to bring your music up to the industry standard that is required to get your songs placed. 

In order to begin, we strongly suggest filling out our Producers Wanted form which can be located under the Forms tab on our website. This will help us to better understand you as a producer and/or songwriter and will be used during your consultation. Thank you for reading, we look forward to working with you.