How CSP Music Group Works With Independent Artist

There’s a growing number of artist in the music industry who want to remain independent.  The goal is the become their own boss, make 100% profit on their sales, and be the one in control.   This is where CSP Music Group comes in.  Forming a partnership with artist, CSP allows the artist to remain in full control of their careers while providing the artist with the industry standard look, sound, branding, and connections that they need to stand above the rest.  

Some independent artist  have made it to the top this way, such as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Adele, Taylor Swift,  Mac Miller, and Nipsey Hussle to name a few.  All of these artist remain independent while utilizing independent record labels.

Because independent artist are now proving that they no longer need to get signed the traditional way, this leaves a lot of artist realizing they can do it without the major labels, and instead seek out a team of people who understand their vision, branding, and dreams.  CSP Music Group calls this the ‘Go- Getter’ attitude that separates the successful from the rest.

CSP Music Group works with independent artist by first understanding who they are, their vision, their brand, and the level of success they are trying to achieve.  This is accomplished during the consultation.  Once taking a look at the artist's vision, CSP executives will decide if they will be able to partner with the artist.  Several factors come into play and a large percentage of that is how much drive the artist has.  (It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become the next Macklemore or Adele.)

Some artist are not trying to make international success but would like to make a humble living performing and selling their music.  CSP also partners with artist such as this whose main goal to quit their day jobs and make money only doing what they love. 

To work with CSP Music Group as an independent artist, it all starts with a consultation. The consultation is the first step in the process of taking artist from where they are; and developing them to where they're able to start making an income off of their music.  CSP Music Group provides everything an artist needs, in one location, to market, distribute, and promote their music.  

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