Damita Haddon

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Damita Haddon Chandler has been on the gospel recording scene for over a decade. Although many know her from her Stellar Award winning work with the Voices of Unity and from singing with her former husband, Deitrick Haddon, she is a force to be reckoned with and highly respected in gospel.

Damita got her break as a professional artist when her and her sister got invited to sing at the president of TM Records’ birthday party.  Immediately after they sang they were asked if interested in signing a deal and recording on his label and within a couple of months they were in the studio. Their first release was Time Is Running Out (1992).  Damita went on to pursue a solo career and released her self-titled debut in 2000 and No Looking Back in 2008. Today Damita Chandler is happily married, working on new singles with Christopher Starr, and released a new reality show called the Gospel Truth starring her and her husband.