World Premiere Love Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 3 at CSP Music Group

Since Karlie Redd is spineless and bored, she called Rasheeda in to listen to the track and the newest cast member DJ Traci Steele tagged along too. Guess they have to start weaving into other people’s story lines at some point.

“Pure comedy, I will say,” is the way that Rasheeda describes Karlie’s diss track. What she really meant to say is that it’s the most abysmal piece of shit to be recorded since Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” but Rasheeda has made enough enemies so she opted to be polite.

Karlie invites Rasheeda to jump on the track with a verse, but Rasheeda resists, saying she’d rather not waste her “voice” on K. Michelle. What she really doesn’t want to waste is her time on a Karlie Redd track.

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